A downloadable game

Enjoy solving the Rubik's cube in a chill environment. 

This game only uses one of the controllers:

Press the trigger to grab and turn the cube faces.

Press either side grip button twice to scramble the cube.

** Probably only works with a htc VIVE headset in a room scale setup**

Uses VRTK - big thanks to the VRTK slack team!


Environment - Nature Pack (Extended)


Environment Ambience - Forest_Birds (loop) 02 by VKProduktion



RubiksVR.zip 17 MB


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This comment is about VolleyBomb, i write here because the comment option is missing there. I have 2 requests: Can you add a 32bit build, please? And a classic mode with ball instead of the bomb.

Thanks for reaching out! I plan on doing more with the game this summer so I will look into classic mode then. 

But I have added a 32bit build. Hope you have fun with it! :)